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Classification Of Fungi Alexopoulos And Mims 1979 Pdf 27

Classification Of Fungi Alexopoulos And Mims 1979 Pdf 1996
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I want it to be able to handle a string like this, which doesn’t work.
=Classification Of Fungi Alexopoulos And Mims (The Ainsworth Classification Of The Small Fungi)


I’m assuming you have gsub off. So, this will work:
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Group Species
1 Cryptococcus neoformans var neoformans
2 Cryptococcus gattii var gattii
3 Candida albicans
4 Candida tropicalis
5 Candida krusei
6 Candida glabrata
7 Candida parapsilosis
8 Candida metapsilosis
9 Candida guilliermondii

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to the classification

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