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What is this texture used for?

I am following a project to create a matte painting, but I have come across an image that was created by a different one.

Would the textures in red represent the image that I’m seeking to recreate?


In short, no. The textures you are shown are probably just used in the rendering to show some detail of the scene.
From the image you have given, it is not clear what the actual contents of the scene is. However there are several places you might look for help, including:

The rendering is probably a static image that has been UV mapped to the render viewport
The image comes from a V-Ray scene
The image comes from a rendered sprite

To narrow down your search, work out where the red materials are in the image. The red materials (e.g. “twilight tint”) are usually located close to the camera, or when using V-Ray, in front of your camera.
If you have not started on the project, it might be worth starting by downloading a render as the previous images you’ve seen.

It’s time for a game of mini-RPG! Since returning home from the trip through the Reikai Strings, Goro has become obsessed with a new game he has found in the shantytown near the Reikai Strings. An RPG about an old man and his unbalanced pet cat? Sounds fascinating!


Player: Takes full control of the proceedings.

Goro: Can be played by the player, controlled by Takashi or a CPA.

Total number of people: 1


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When Taizo and his cat Kyo return home from a trip to the Reikai Strings, they find a strange familiar person wearing a seemingly-uncommon outfit and lacking in sanity. This is Goro, who carries only a water bottle and his cat ‘Kyo’. After a brief confrontation, Taizo and Kyo are invited to play a game. The game turns out to be an RPG depicting the adventures of an old man and his cat, and Goro’s mission is to return it to its original owner.

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