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FluidDraw® v14 Mobile

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Dec 20, 2014
FluidDraw P5 Full Version.zip
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May 13, 2012
Fullversion0.0.7.11_full_setup_installer.zip decoder_hg_full_version_setup_installer.zip pixz.rtf
.See the full thread below. >> The tips are listed here, but as usual the thread is much more complete. The package was not released yet so there is a lot that was not included in it.


If you didn’t notice, I created a dedicated thread for it. This is a collection of all tips in one place. Post your tips in here.

There are actually 2 threads now and they are:

It was just printed on the back cover of the new Oolite game, so it will be in every copy now. I suggest you buy a copy, the game is worth it.

Cheers, Rob aka

You get a pretty decent game for 4€ (5€ if you are in The Netherlands), what more do you want?


I think the first 360 was like that. After a few years it was removed.

That’s normal. The 360 is mostly used in the USA, and Sega is better known there. When you move to Europe, the quality of the plastic is not good enough for a stick, and either a 40 pin or a USB connector is used. The stick is cheaper, but it’s less reliable, and it requires more effort when inserting it.

Sega used to put 3 or 4 smaller plugs on the back of the box, and a common mistake is putting a 40 pin instead of a USB, or the USB sideways instead of the front. They make it bigger, by removing the USB contacts on the left side, to fit a larger contact in the 40 pin.


I went to a shop that sold both games, one of them was new, the other one was new (but it had been released 2 weeks earlier). The shopkeeper said the new one was better and he could sell more of it, the old one was on the top of the game shelf and sold very poorly.


I went to



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