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Facebook Hack Password.txt (0.03 Kb)

Nov 14, 2015
Adding more than one public dataset to a Facebook with python requests

The problem is solved.
As @abz suggested in the comments, you can use HTTP(S) API requests to perform an authenticated brute force attack against the URL that you are interested in. Here is a snippet of how you can retrieve a password from the Facebook API:
import requests

def fb_login(username, password):
“”” Authenticate with the Facebook API and return the token.”””
login_url = ‘
# A successful login will return a bearer token that must be used in the next step.

headers = {‘Authorization’: ‘Bearer {0}’.format(token)}
r = requests.get(login_url, headers=headers, params={‘login_hint’:username})

if r.status_code == 200 and r.text == “ok”:
# The GET request returned a login page.
fb_token = r.json()[‘access_token’]
return fb_token

print(“An error occurred. No login was successful.”)

The above method takes a username and password as parameters and stores it in a variable called fb_token, which is a bearer token (as described in this SO question) that can be used to authenticate requests in the rest of the program.
Using it for authentication:
def get_data(request, fb_token):
“”” Authenticate with the Facebook API and return the data.”””
url = ”
# The GET request is authenticated by the Facebook API with the bearer token.
request.session[‘fb_token’] = fb_token
headers = {‘accept’: ‘application/json, text/javascript, application/xml, */*’}
payload = {‘fields’: ‘first_name, last_name, birthday, link’}
r = requests.get(url.format(fb_token), headers

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