Dhoom 3 Full Movie 480p Download ~REPACK~

Dhoom 3 Full Movie 480p Download ~REPACK~



Dhoom 3 Full Movie 480p Download

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Dhoom 3 Full

The film is a sequel to the 2010 blockbuster film Dhoom 2 (2013). It was produced by Aditya Chopra under his banner Yash Raj Films.


The story revolves around main character Vicky (Aamir Khan) who travels to London for an undercover job. Upon arrival he meets his old associate, Naseer (Aamir Khan), who has been missing since the last series. Vicky and Naseer get along famously, and after helping Naseer out of a corner by getting information on the corrupt minister, Vicky receives a strange email, saying he has eight hours to kill himself.

The story then shifts to a young teenager named Dhvanyalok (Samir Soni), who works in a canteen at a London airport. Dhvanyalok meets Vicky, and after some time they become friends. After a few days Dhvanyalok receives a message from Vicky that he is in need of funds. Dhvanyalok’s mentor invites him to his home and extracts $5,000 from him without his knowledge or consent. Dhvanyalok is shocked and tries to get the money back but is told by the mentor that the ransom is non-refundable. Later that night Dhvanyalok calls Vicky to tell him about the ransom and arrange the drop-off time.

Meanwhile, investigations have been ordered by the government to crack down on the smuggling business of a group of people which includes the minister Naseer works for. The group is headed by Minister for Transport (Naseer’s boss) Majumdar (Manoj Bajpayee), and they are planning to commit terrorism in London by pulling off a heist in a railway station and planting a bomb in a crowded area. Upon receiving an email from the group, Vicky manages to relay the message and is told that the bomb has been planted in the busy train station, where the heist is to take place.

The main body of the police is stationed at the station, where a huge police force is deployed to assist in the operation and stop the terrorists. Vicky is suspected of working with the terrorists and his presence at the station attracts the police’s attention. After two men go missing in the police operation, the police turn their attention on Vicky for questioning. They call in his old associates Naseer and Pooja (Katrina Kaif), and the trio are nearly arrested by the police.


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