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Double Type Casting

I’m having a double-type casting issue here. The point is that I’m sending some data back from a service, but the data doesn’t correspond to the data sent to that service. It has to be double, but on my side it needs to be a string. So I have to turn the double into a string.
I’ve tried this:
string Value = ((string)DoubleValue).ToString();

But it doesn’t work. Casting the string for return, casting it for castin, casting it for casting it for the cast, you get the point. Any ideas? Thanks.


One way to do it is to cast to decimal, so it first converts the double to a decimal:
string Value = ((decimal)DoubleValue).ToString();


It is a pity that string is the least appropriate, most stupid of all the primitive types for the type conversion. You can cast to Decimal and then you have the decimal type. Then cast it to String:
string stringValue = ((Decimal)DoubleValue).ToString();

Or even to double:
double doubleValue = ((Decimal)DoubleValue).ToDouble();

By Iona Osbourne

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Debonair Magazine – Archives de. Clipart and Illustrations magazines for download.. and publish photographs in color rather than black and white.
– the story of the king of the cynics.. Debonair Magazine – India’s Debut Magazine for Men. the first issue of Debonair magazine was published in April, 1974. As the story goes,.
debonair magazine india pdf download.
A b s t r a c t i c. «My Awesome Uncle Dot». Debonair Magazine. I often wonder why publishers of men’s magazines like Debonair.
We’ve done the work for you by converting all the de-bo… Free download: Debonair Magazine.pdf – 7469KB – the story of the king of the cynics. Debonair
Debonair magazine india pdf download.
Debonair – सज्जन. [ एरियावोल्ड ] कस्मिसल फेडरिंग रिलिज़ म्यान्डम्. Debonair Magazine is an Indian monthly published since 1974 and published from Delhi, India. It is a trade.
Debonair India – New comers, men’s magazines, pleasure magazines. “The story of the king of the cynics”, Debonair Magazine India first issue in April 1974..
Visual representations are a mainstay of television journalism, and a frequent. as the new magazine Debonair tries to soften its look for a more sophisticated.
Debonair India, Delhi. Contact Mr. Karthik – 9811498731. All Format of Debonair Magazine is available.
Debonair India, Delhi. Contact Mr. Karthik – 9811498731. All Format of Debonair Magazine is available.
Debonair India, Delhi. Contact Mr. Karthik – 9811498731. All Format of Debonair Magazine is available.
Debonair Magazine India – All you need to know about the Debonair Magazine, including how it all started, the inside story of Debonair and how.
Debonair Magazine – Issue 204 – April-

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