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to then-finance minister Yair Lapid. In the 2011 elections, Lapid’s Yesh Atid party won just one seat in the National Assembly, and it failed to cross the five percent vote threshold to enter the Knesset. A year later, Lapid and Bennett agreed to join a unity government, with Lapid remaining finance minister and Bennett taking the prime minister’s portfolio.

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Rails 4 – Validate Datetime and Time fields

In my rails application, I have a model called ScheduledInteraction which has 3 fields, date_time, time and duration. The two datetime fields are filled by a user selecting a date and time using a picker. The time is optional and can be selected from a menu.
I have a validation on my model, currently it’s only set for the time and is simply checking if the value is blank. I am also using the gem called cocoon for date formatting and i18n.
The validation I have is:
validates :date_time, presence: true
validates :time, presence: true, if: :time

When a user enters a date, time and an optional duration, I want the validation to check for any errors in :date_time and :time and return any error messages in @interaction.errors.full_messages.
Basically it’s a validate with some custom rules.
Any ideas how I would do this?
I haven’t used rails before but I am a developer by trade so hopefully this isn’t too hard to solve.


Look into the Rails Date and Time Helpers.
In this case, you’re using the time_select

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