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Scope of this report:

This report provides data on the structure of the U.S. construction industry, including the national, regional, state and metro levels. It provides information about the production, employment, and value added of the sector, by construction product and selected type of work. Additionally, the report presents data on the size and growth of the U.S. construction industry, through 2017.

Industry definition:

The construction industry consists of businesses involved in planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and repairing buildings and other structures, including roads, walkways, and tunnels. The construction industry includes businesses engaged in the design, production, and repair of buildings and infrastructure, as well as businesses that support the industry through business and professional services and the provision of finance, insurance, and real estate.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the national construction industry added 816,300 jobs between June 2012 and June 2017, with an average monthly job growth rate of 1.2 percent. Construction industry employment was 7,204,100 in June 2017, an increase of 3.8 percent since June 2012.

Historical context:

U.S. construction industry employment increased between 2012 and 2017, but, from 2012 to 2017, employment in the industry increased at a rate of 1.9 percent, compared with a national average annual rate of employment growth of 2.3 percent.

Employment in the industry grew slightly, with the exception of one region: the South. In this region, construction industry employment increased by 1.8 percent from 2012 to 2017, compared with a national average annual rate of employment growth of 2.4 percent.

Economic conditions:

In 2017, construction industry employment increased by 1.9 percent, on a national level, compared with an increase of 1.4 percent between 2016 and 2017. Construction industry employment increased slightly from 2012 to 2017, with the exception of one region: the South. The South’s industry employment increased by 3.5 percent from 2012 to 2017, compared with an increase of 0.4 percent in the national average annual rate of employment growth.

The construction industry added 10,400 jobs, on a national level, from June 2012 to June 2017, with an average monthly job growth rate of 1.2 percent. In 2017, the construction industry added 3,700 jobs, on a national level, compared with an increase of 5,700 jobs in the national average annual rate of employment growth.

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Electronic Design
AutoCAD is used in the design of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering projects. Its most popular usage is in the design of electrical products, including computer hardware and peripheral devices such as printers, plotters, scanners, etc. It is used to create circuit diagrams and drawings of printed circuit boards. Its primary functions are to create engineering drawings and to create 2D and 3D illustrations. It is used to design machines, structures, and to plan the layout of structures. It can also be used to create 3D visualizations of various components.

AutoCAD is the standard design and engineering software package of choice for many in the construction, engineering, and architecture industries. It is also used in other industries including science, industry, and manufacturing.

CAD applications
CAD applications based on AutoCAD are used by every engineer and builder. AutoCAD has been used to create the buildings, bridges, and dams that are a vital part of today’s infrastructure. In the world of modern construction, most building projects use AutoCAD’s powerful features to create engineering drawings of buildings, bridges, etc. Most commercial and industrial construction companies use AutoCAD as well. AutoCAD is also widely used in the field of civil engineering, providing powerful methods of creating construction drawings. AutoCAD can create working drawings of buildings, bridges, and other structures. It can then be used to simulate the design of structures, to build 3D visualizations, and to create animation. AutoCAD is used to design and develop everything from the largest and most complex nuclear power plants to small backyard projects. It can be used to create a wide variety of architectural structures, from a single home to entire skyscrapers.

Fields of interest

AutoCAD is used to create 3D images that can be used for:

Animation – to create movies of CAD drawings
3D modeling – 3D images of buildings, bridges, etc.
Entertainment – to design and create movies
Visualizing complex information

AutoCAD also has powerful tools for use in:

Displays – to show drawings on a monitor, projector, or web-based applications
Animation – to create movies of CAD drawings
Computational fluid dynamics – 3D visualizations of structures
Design tools – CAD-based applications of structural analysis, structural design, construction and related
Finite element analysis – 3D visualizations of structures
Landscape and digital photography – to design and create


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Autocad is the product of Autodesk. It is the most used CAD (computer aided design) program in the world, and the largest product of the Autodesk suite.

How it works

Autocad is a product of Autodesk which is a company that is known for having awesome technology. Their software is good, but it’s not a really simple software, it requires a lot of practice and time to learn how to use it.

The basic idea of Autocad is very simple, you can start a new drawing with a few clicks and then design your project on that, and then you can export it to different format and files. It has a lot of basic tools and you can customize it to add new features.

It is possible to make it so you can use the software in a different way, but the basic idea is the same.

Getting Started

Install the software.

Start the program, sign in with your license key and you will be done.

Open an existing file or create a new one.

You can now start drawing.


You can draw everything on the screen with a few clicks.

After drawing, you

What’s New In?

AutoCAD is a powerful vector graphics software that is more than a drawing program. AutoCAD helps you design more than you ever imagined with the tools and features that bring CAD to life. Automatically incorporate feedback into your designs.

Read details on AutoCAD 2023

AutoCAD is a powerful vector graphics software that is more than a drawing program. AutoCAD helps you design more than you ever imagined with the tools and features that bring CAD to life.

The new AutoCAD 2023 software is built from the ground up for the user. It features a streamlined user interface (UI), new tools and updates to existing functions, a new and exciting look, and more. The software also includes the same powerful features found in AutoCAD LT 2023.

If you are already familiar with AutoCAD LT, then you are already familiar with the latest version of the software and can start using the software as soon as you download the installation files.

New Features in AutoCAD 2023

Autodesk continued to evolve the AutoCAD line-drawing program over the last several years, adding new features and functionality. AutoCAD 2023 brings even more to the drawing table. It offers more control over drafting, faster performance, and more automation.

The most important addition in the new release is the new tablet- and pen-based drawing tools. The new Interactive Experience allows users to draw and navigate using a tablet or pen.

Thanks to many new tools and the improved accuracy of the new 3D drawing and surface modeling tools, users can make simple geometric changes, such as sizing, extruding, and trimming.

With new spline commands, users can draw and edit splines and create a wide variety of special effects, such as drawing a spline through another spline, using a spline to modify other splines, and many others. Splines are a useful way to transform objects on the drawing canvas, and the new functions make them even more powerful.

The new Transform Geometry tool makes it easy to move, scale, and rotate objects and create a large variety of new drawing functions. The newly added command-based Transform Path tool lets you create paths that perform special transformations, such as scaling, rotating, skewing, and mirroring.

The tools that are available to you depend on what you have selected as the active drawing layer. Some of the tools are available only for objects that are

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