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AutoCAD vs. FreeCAD

AutoCAD is the fastest and the most user-friendly commercial CAD app. The application is widely used in 2D drafting and 2D design. FreeCAD is a free and open source 2D CAD app developed by the developers of AutoCAD. It is widely used in the same areas. But, as a free and open source software, freecad has some limitations when compared to AutoCAD. FreeCAD can not do 3D drafting or design.

Why Choose AutoCAD over FreeCAD?

When people search about the best AutoCAD alternative, most of them are attracted to AutoCAD because of its features and benefits. Below are the reasons why AutoCAD is better than FreeCAD:

1. Applications

AutoCAD comes with a lot of CAD applications. For example, you can use to view construction plans, create blueprints, create dimensioning templates, create floor plans, create sheets, create detailed drawings of your project, create technical drawings and more. You can use these applications with the AutoCAD apps. All the applications you need to make 2D and 3D drawings are included in the AutoCAD app.

In FreeCAD, there are a lot of apps. But many of them are developed by the developers of AutoCAD and not by the user community. FreeCAD developers have limited resources and time, which is why they can’t add so many apps to the free and open source software.

2. AutoCAD experience

AutoCAD is a very user-friendly software. You can be productive in AutoCAD without any training. You can learn AutoCAD quickly and well. Some people say that AutoCAD is faster than FreeCAD.

3. 3D

FreeCAD doesn’t include 3D features. It is a 2D CAD software. But you can use the Autodesk 3D tools to do 3D drawings in AutoCAD. For example, you can create a 3D surface model, create a 3D line or wireframe, create a 3D view, and more.

4. Post and 2D

AutoCAD and FreeCAD can both create 2D drawings. However, they use two different methodologies to create the 2D drawings.


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Shell (interactive) and integrated objects
Object-oriented programming interfaces to AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version for automation and creating new objects. The “Shell Object” is a Windows application, which integrates AutoCAD and allows the user to interact with the program.

Starting with AutoCAD 2002 the “shell object” was replaced with the “Autodesk Plugin” concept. These plugins can be added to the Windows Shell in a similar manner to ActiveX controls. These plugins are not available to other AutoCAD products.

Command API
The Command API is used to create, access and manage the objects. The “Shell Object” and “Plugin” are only objects in the Command API. The Command API allows the programmer to provide tools, functions, objects and commands within AutoCAD for the user to use. The API can also be extended through VBscript. It is based on the earlier ObjectARX.NET library, but as of AutoCAD 2013, it is integrated with the CodeName One API.

VBA is a macro language for developing software programs on the Windows platform. It is made available to AutoCAD through the VBA API, which is based on the ObjectARX library.

There is currently no VBA programming for AutoCAD.

Visual LISP
Visual LISP is a programming language for the AutoCAD drawing environment, similar to BASIC, but with different syntax. It is derived from ObjectARX.NET. Visual LISP is for object-oriented programming.

Visual LISP can be used as a scripting language. It allows the user to automate the drawing process, for example creating models, saving drawings, exporting drawings, inserting documents and generating information.

VBscript is a scripting language and is the scripting language of choice in the AutoCAD world. It is based on the ObjectARX library.

VBScript can be used for code that provides AutoCAD functionality, as well as to extend the Visual LISP language. VBScript is used to write macros, add functions and logic, manipulate drawing objects, and add a customized user interface to AutoCAD. It can automate the drawing process, for example inserting drawings, inserting blocks and saving drawings.

VBScript is a scripting language and is the scripting language of choice in the AutoCAD world. It is based on the ObjectARX library

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Click on “Editor”.

Go to “File/open”.
Select “Save As.”

Select “Autocad 2010”.

Click on “Save”.

You should now have the utility available from “File/New”.


You do not need to do anything at all. That’s the default key.

To open Autocad 2010, go to File -> Open.
To save as Autocad 2010, go to File -> Save As.

You can also right-click to save as from an existing project.

Q:‘function’, param) doesn’t seem to work?

I have a small problem here. I am attempting to write a flash based URL shortener. I was initially using an image which when clicked would call a javascript method which would generate a unique 8 character short code for the user. It worked fine, but for some reason the Javascript had stopped working, which is why I changed the image to be a link which would call an external.asp file. I placed the following code in my.asp page:

function hcreatecode(id) {
document.myform.hcode.value = id;

When a link is clicked I use the following code in my html to call the asp file:
Create Shortcode

The function in the asp file outputs a unique 8 character shortcode. This code is being displayed in the browser window in the URL box and the alert pop up is working.

alert(“you clicked the link”);

However when I click the link nothing happens, I haven’t seen any errors in the console. I have tried looking in to it using firebug and it appears the above code is being successfully executed.


You’re using hcreatecode(1) which is trying to find a form element with the name myform. If there isn’t one, you’re going to get a JavaScript error. Instead, use Hcreatecode(id) as it’s more robust.


Dynamic number of div elements

I have 5 div elements with

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Open autocad and choose “new”
Make a file new raster, draw a shape and place it somewhere
Save the file as “*.dwg”
After saving, go to “File” > “Show Key” and put the file name.
Click on the key and save it as “*.gct” or “*.pxt” (You can do this multiple times if you want more than one key)
Place it somewhere

I have never seen a “hack” to get multiple keys using the same file. The file does not need to be named *.gct or *.pxt or something like that. It is actually irrelevant. The file should be saved and should have the same name as the original file.
This is the last time that you hear about the file I recommend creating. I am sorry.


You can use keygen in combination with Keygen Maker to create multiple keys. But it’s not really a hack, it’s more of a workaround that is suitable for “one off” solutions when there isn’t a need for Keygen, and many users (me included) feel Keygen Maker is “too difficult”.
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Download and install Keygen Maker
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But you can just use keygen alone to do this as well. The “File Signer” section of keygen has a separate dialog for each file.


Sorting by multiple value criteria

I am trying to sort an Array of objects by both criteria.
I have added an example of my code below.
Each matchday contains the football results, and each team has a certain number of goals scored against them.
I am trying to sort by teamName, and score.
The issue I am having is that I need to sort by:

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

For the best experience, try to play on a 60FPS monitor using Windows 7 / 8 / 10. On a non-nVidia GPU, expect smooth 60FPS or higher.
For the best experience, try to play on a 60FPS monitor using Windows 7 / 8 / 10. On a non-nVidia GPU, expect smooth 60FPS or higher. Xbox One / PS4: 10GByte VRAM
10GByte VRAM Projectors: Supported at 4096 x 2160p
Supported at 4096 x 2160

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