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AutoCAD is a modular design-centered application. Its design is based around an applications environment called the “paper space” (or “space”), which is divided into drawing sheets, each of which can contain one or more drawing objects, such as lines, arcs, text, grids, circles, text boxes, and so on. In the default desktop environment, users are generally presented with a blank drawing sheet. They can add “drawing objects” (e.g., lines) to the sheet, align, scale, and rotate the objects, and paint colors and other visual characteristics.

Many of these commands can also be performed in a graphics tablet and stylus (digitizer) environment that is accessible through the keyboard shortcuts and menus. In AutoCAD, these functions are referred to as “Digitizing”. The difference between a regular drawing object and a digitized drawing object is that the user is constrained to manipulating the digitized drawing object in the same way as they would manipulate the regular drawing object on a paper surface. For example, a point on a line can be adjusted by dragging a stylus along that line.

The name AutoCAD was coined by a user who saw an application called ACAD, and though the software seemed to be a CAD application, the user thought the software was actually doing something else.

File Format

In its simplest form, an AutoCAD drawing consists of one or more “objects”. Each object is represented as a 2-D object, much like a sheet of paper. The difference is that in AutoCAD, an object is laid out in three dimensions. The user can select an object and modify its properties, and the resulting change is immediately reflected in the drawing. For example, a line can be created, moved, rotated, or deleted, and the original line can be modified to change its direction, endpoints, and size. As another example, a rectangle can be created, moved, rotated, and resized.

Drawing objects can be combined into groups to create more complex objects. Groups are collections of objects, which are in turn grouped together into groups. For example, a group may be created with several lines, arcs, text, and other drawing objects. The group may be moved, rotated, and scaled. The group may also be duplicated and deleted. Once a group is in the drawing, it can be modified in the same way as individual objects.

An AutoCAD drawing can also contain several

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The draw options allow:
Top view or perspective view from an elevation, with ability to draw from the bottom up.
Plot points that can be positioned on screen. The points are plotted in pairs (0/0) as default.
Lines, arcs, polylines, splines, contours, text boxes, object definitions, and dimensions may be included in the drawing.
Images can be inserted into the drawing.

Release history

AutoCAD versions

Mac OS/X versions

AutoCAD LT history
AutoCAD LT was first released in 1996 as a general-purpose CAD program for Windows.

AutoCAD LT 2.0:
The original version of AutoCAD LT was released on June 28, 1996.

AutoCAD LT 3.0:
AutoCAD LT 3.0 was released on January 20, 1998. It included support for the NewTek Video Toaster II. AutoCAD LT 3.0 was available as a demo version for 30 days.

AutoCAD LT 4.0:
AutoCAD LT 4.0 was released on September 1, 1999. It included support for the NewTek Video Toaster II with VMS graphics, 32-bit operating system, and improved VDG functionality. The 3D graphics feature was removed in AutoCAD LT 4.5.

AutoCAD LT 5.0:
AutoCAD LT 5.0 was released on October 20, 2000. It included the introduction of dynamic components, an outline feature, the Custom Shape palette, a new 3D core, and the new “Snap to Cursor” option. The command line was improved with keyboard shortcuts, which allowed the use of predefined commands. The scroll bars can now be dragged anywhere on screen. LISP macros were added to allow users to speed up repetitive tasks.

AutoCAD LT 5.5:
AutoCAD LT 5.5 was released on August 2, 2003. The text editing features were added, allowing users to perform OCR and UCR (Undo/Redo) operations. AutoCAD LT 5.5 was available as a free upgrade for all users of AutoCAD LT 4.x. It was also the last version that supported the 64-bit Windows 2000 operating system.

AutoCAD LT 5.6:
AutoCAD LT 5.6 was released on October

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Autodesk Autocad provides the latest version free of charge. For more information, click the **About Autodesk Autocad** button in the Autocad home page.

## Create a new drawing

The file you open is a new drawing, so you can draw something to it. It’s important to save it as a DWG file, so you can open the file again.

1. After you open a new drawing, click **File**.
2. In the **New** group, choose **Create**.

3. Click **OK**.
4. You can save a new drawing as a DWG file, an XML file, or a PDF file. You can use any of the formats to open this file later.

## Create a new drawing from a template

Templates are helpful in creating one or more drawings because they are created in a format that you already understand. In Autodesk Autocad, you create the template by using a drawing or model and choosing **File** | **New**. If you want to save a template as a DWG file, choose **File** | **Save as**.

What’s New In?

Add 3D visualizations to your drawings, allowing you to view your designs in 3D from any angle. (video: 3:14 min.)

Collaborate with colleagues using the new Autodesk Mesh tool. Create, edit and align 3D meshes easily and effortlessly.

Create multiple, intelligent 3D visualization views that automatically switch between 2D and 3D views as needed. (video: 6:35 min.)

Supports 3D printers, interactive 3D objects, and more. AutoCAD 2020 and AutoCAD LT 2020 are available free for students.

With AutoCAD 2023, you can expect:

Open-ended digital design

AutoCAD LT 2023 for AutoCAD LT 2020 users now supports improved support for any DWG or DXF file format and for tables with 3D objects.

Improved integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. These services are now natively integrated into AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, allowing users to upload and access AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT files from anywhere.

AutoCAD LT 2023 for AutoCAD LT 2020 users now supports the ability to open, close and send DWG or DXF files created using multiple AutoCAD versions.

Industry-leading technology for a digital workspace

AutoCAD 2023 is a robust professional-grade design and drafting software, available as a subscription service. It includes powerful graphics and editing tools, a 3D modeling tool, image and video editing, animation, modeling and 3D rendering, as well as connectivity to cloud-based content repositories like Google Drive.

Design tools for 2D drafting and 3D modeling

Add 3D visualizations and interactive 3D tools to your 2D designs with powerful new AutoCAD features, including 3D modeling tools and 3D viewer, and improved markup tools.

3D modeling tools: With the new 3D AutoCAD Modeller tool, you can now create and manipulate real-world 3D models from within the drawing environment.

3D AutoCAD Modeller lets you model and animate 3D shapes, view, manipulate and edit 3D models and create and animate your own 3D models. With it, you can easily create models from 3D shapes, animate them, and apply a realistic appearance and feel to your 3D models. In addition to the familiar surface features of AutoC

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Intel Core i5-3210M 1.6 GHz processor or Intel Core i3-2100 1.8 GHz processor
Windows 7 64-bit (or Windows 8 64-bit)
2GB of RAM
2.5GB of hard drive space
1 CD-ROM drive
8-inch by 11-inch display with 1024 x 768 resolution
How to Play the Soundtrack
Each disk contains a soundtrack in WAV format.
We recommend using a 5.1-channel sound card with the ability to support

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