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AutoCAD is an industry standard solution for creating 2D, 2.5D and 3D designs. It includes multi-user functionality, including mobile and web apps.

The predecessor to AutoCAD was known as AutoCAD LT, and it was released in December 1981. AutoCAD is currently the most widely used software application on the market. It is used in the aerospace industry, energy industry, building design and construction industry, government, and many other fields. The most recent AutoCAD release, AutoCAD 2019, is 64-bit, and supports multiple monitor and touchscreen.


AutoCAD was initially developed by a small group of independent programmers, artists, and educators for use with an early version of the Apple Macintosh. In the beginning, there was only one price for AutoCAD: $600.

The first release of AutoCAD did not include a price tag, but in 1984 Autodesk Inc. released the first AutoCAD, a PC-based product.

AutoCAD as a desktop application. Image courtesy of Autodesk

AutoCAD LT was released in 1984 as a predecessor to AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT was a complete CAD tool. It had a price tag of $499, while AutoCAD was a fraction of the price and had less features. AutoCAD LT became the core of AutoCAD up until 1989.

AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD. Image courtesy of Autodesk

In 1987, AutoCAD R14 was released as a successor to AutoCAD LT. In 1993, the first version of AutoCAD for Windows was released.

In 1989, the number of people using AutoCAD was so low that Autodesk released AutoCAD LT’s underlying software as a standalone product named Autodesk Design Review.

Autodesk Design Review. Image courtesy of Autodesk

AutoCAD 2002 was released in 2001, and the next year Autodesk, Inc. released AutoCAD LT 2002. AutoCAD LT 2002 and subsequent releases were integrated as part of AutoCAD. Autodesk also released AutoCAD LT for Windows, the first native AutoCAD application for Windows.

In 2004, AutoCAD R20 was released. In 2006, the first version of AutoCAD for Mac was released. In 2007, AutoCAD LT 2008 and subsequent releases were

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The 2016 release of AutoCAD Crack Free Download software added a new set of apps called “Apps for Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen”. The AutoCAD Apps for AutoCAD 2016 provide easy-to-use, high performance tools to enhance your workflows in AutoCAD. The new apps include:

AutoCAD Accessories – Build, resize, and stylize your documents with AutoCAD Accessories, an innovative, task-based workflow that lets you make and resize graphics faster and easier than ever before.


A command to draw a line, polyline or arc. The entire line can be created by combining lines or arcs. Multiple lines or arcs can be combined into one line by the same process. The user can adjust the line’s width, color, and hatch.

Reference Drawings

Used for storing drawing objects with a particular relationship with other drawing objects. For example, a house plan with a set of elevations.

Cloud Connect

Use the cloud for easy access to your drawings, as well as sharing your drawings with others.

Cloud Connect Center

Create and send your document directly to the cloud, for easy access and sharing of your drawings.

Drawing Add-on

Add-on for AutoCAD that allows you to create and edit additional objects in AutoCAD. There are three types of Drawings Add-on: 3D, 2D, and DXF.

2D Add-on allows you to create and edit drawings in 2D. This add-on can be applied to any 2D drawing or drawing group. 3D Add-on allows you to create and edit 3D drawings. DXF Add-on allows you to create and edit DXF files, which can be sent to and viewed in other applications.


Used to quickly edit the appearance of a layer. There are three types of Filters: 1D/2D, Named Layer Filters, and Master Layer Filters. 1D/2D Filters can be applied to only certain 1D and 2D layers. Named Layer Filters can be applied to any named layer and work on the entire drawing. Master Layer Filters can be applied to any layer and work on the entire drawing or any subparts.


The Quick Guide features a variety of topics, including features and commands, workflows, and information about new tools, versions, and AutoCAD Editions.

AutoCAD has a Help


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What’s New in the?

Save time by handling repetitive editing tasks with Markup Assist. Assign a color or line style to a shape to simplify the editing process. Automatically change or synchronize the properties of shapes that are grouped. Edit the properties of a group of linked shapes with a single action.

Work on your drawings from any device, and share your views with others. Move, rotate and edit drawings online with AutoCAD Web Application; share your designs on Behance and other online services; and synchronize your online drawings and annotations to your local desktop.


Reuse symbol groups to quickly incorporate new symbol definitions into your drawing. Create a new symbol, reuse a symbol group and then edit it to create a new symbol.

Improve the searchability of your drawings by more efficiently retrieving symbol group names and properties. Find your previously inserted symbols quickly and easily. And find symbols in your files based on the properties of the inserted symbol.

More than 30 symbol groups are included in AutoCAD 2020. New symbol groups are added periodically.

Look Ahead:

Work with more data in your drawings by quickly navigating through the data in your drawing. Navigate through multiple views, sheet sets, drawings, reports and other data based on a folder, file or metadata in the drawing.

Create scalable content that adapts to the size of the screen, paper and printer.

Symbol-based grips:

Organize symbols into symbol groups. Insert a symbol group or merge existing symbol groups into a new drawing.

Save time by using symbol-based grips. Create a new symbol, select a symbol group to insert the symbol in, and then create a symbol-based grip on the symbol.

Modify symbols quickly without having to worry about transforming the symbol to a different coordinate system. If a symbol has an associated display style, the symbol display style is automatically updated.

Improved AutoLISP:

Use the new VARNAME command in AutoLISP to easily define variables and rename them.

Data Access:

Find, manipulate and display data in drawings by using data views. Access and filter drawings, sheet sets, data tables, reports and other data based on folder, file and metadata in your drawing.

Sync data with other drawings, and add data to new drawings. Access data in a file or metadata in your drawing and synchronize it to another drawing. Update and add data to drawings from other

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Memory: 512 MB
* Shader Model 3.0 or better
* Pixel Shader version 2.0 or higher
* 1024×768 maximum display resolution
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB
Other Requirements:
* Windows 2000, XP, Vista
* DirectX 9
* Internet Explorer 8
* Windows Vista (64-bit edition)
* Windows 2000 (32-bit edition)

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