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Available from each user’s home directory, AutoCAD is part of AutoCAD LT, a distribution of Autodesk’s AutoCAD suite and part of the Autodesk Infrastructure Solutions Suite.

In the field, AutoCAD LT has been adopted and used by many CAD departments in all industries, including automotive, architecture, civil engineering, and utility engineering.

In AutoCAD, the most important and widely used feature is the ability to draw geometry, and the underlying functionality that supports that capability is now known as the core or base functionality, and is also known as the “G-code” (routine) functionality of the AutoCAD suite.


The AutoCAD software application is composed of three major components: The user interface (AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD), which contains the application and all user data; the AutoCAD software application itself; and the AutoCAD Architecture or ACAT component.


AutoCAD LT, available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms, is designed to run on portable devices. With AutoCAD LT, users can work at any location, at any time, using any input device and any display device.

AutoCAD LT (formerly AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD ACAT) is a subset of the AutoCAD suite that, unlike AutoCAD, does not include several components. It is intended for use by architects, building engineers, or those creating cost estimates, to enable the creation of working drawings on a smaller scale than possible with the full AutoCAD suite. While this can be useful for design-based projects, many users use it as a simple drafting tool to create preliminary drawings before they are sent to the architect or contractor.

AutoCAD LT is an alternative to Microsoft Office Visio, which is a similar free software tool for creating and organizing wireframe, interactive, and digital models. Like Visio, AutoCAD LT enables a range of user actions, such as text, tables, drawing, 3D and 2D animation, and more, by using a user interface. The design of a model, including its style, is not limited to one type of drawing.

This user interface enables the user to create, view, and work on models of all types (for example, 2D and 3D models). AutoCAD LT also enables the creation of graphical and tabular reports of all kinds

AutoCAD 20.1 2022

In version 2002, AutoCAD Activation Code’s drawing output capabilities were enhanced with the ability to export in VRML and 3D PDF and to view in all native AutoCAD 3D environments.


AutoCAD LT is a stand-alone version of AutoCAD software. The Free, open-source product can be downloaded from and is available as a 32-bit and 64-bit Windows binary, as well as an ISO image for use on Linux operating systems. It requires the installation of the DirectX 8 graphics library and supports rendering and plotter functions. AutoCAD LT for Mac OS is a version for the Macintosh, written in Cocoa and running on the Mac OS X operating system.

AutoCAD LT is available in five editions:
Basic, with only 2D functions and a small footprint (14MB)
Standard, with 2D and 3D functions, Web-based add-ons, and additional features
Professional, with unlimited drawing files and support for unlimited users
Enterprise, with unlimited users and files
Architectural, which is a special, but limited version for architects

Unsupported programs are 3D Studio XSI, 3ds Max, and 3D Warehouse and features such as Autodesk Navisworks, parametric modeling and BIM

AutoCAD LT for Windows can be installed on the same machine as AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT can be used together. As AutoCAD LT is a stand-alone version, it can be installed onto other machines. The menu bar and top ribbon of the program have been designed to resemble a stand-alone version of AutoCAD. The user manual is similar to that of AutoCAD.

3D Studio MAX

Originally called Autodesk 3D Studio, Autodesk 3D Studio MAX was released as a replacement for AutoCAD LS3D in October 2004. Autodesk 3D Studio MAX is available in a bundle with AutoCAD LT. A new version of Autodesk 3D Studio MAX is currently in development.

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Install your plugin (you can use an existing one) and activate it.

Go to tool->plugins and choose what plugin you want to use.

On the plugin’s menu, choose Reset Model.

How to use the gamepad

You need the following tools:

* Mouse
* Joystick

Note: Both, mouse and joystick, have to be on the left hand side of the screen.

Using a joystick is more comfortable in certain parts of the map.
Here are some good spots for using a joystick:

* A channel 3 is the perfect position
* A channel 4 is the best position

For each of the configuration of the joystick, look at the following lists:

* Fire         Movement
* Left         Left
* Right       Right
* Top      Up
* Bottom    Down

You can drag and drop the configuration of your joystick on the following lists.

* Fire         Movement
* Left      Left
* Right  Right
* Top      Up
* Bottom    Down

The name of the configuration (First left, first right, first top, etc) is different for each list.

When you drop a configuration on a list, it will be selected.
It will be added to the configuration before, and will be the first configuration in the list.
If no configuration is found for a configuration, it will be added as a second configuration.

For example, I used the following configuration to left and right on the joystick:

* Fire         Movement
* Left         Left
* Right  Right

And I drag and dropped the first configuration before the configuration of the right, and the configuration was added.
* Right  Right

When you are in a map (selecting it using a controller), you can get the current configuration using the following commands:

* Ctrl+Alt+1  → Left
* Ctrl+Alt+2  → Right
* Ctrl+Alt+3  → Up
* Ctrl

What’s New In AutoCAD?

• Merge paper and PDF documents into your drawing. Incorporate feedback from printed paper or PDFs (created with PDFmaker) into your design, without additional drawing steps.

• Import external parts for your drawing. Use external drawings or spreadsheets for parts and assembly details.

• Automatically update dependent parts. Import and show dependent parts, including geometry and attributes.

• Present external help files, such as instructions, tips, and reviews.

• Import external text, tables, pictures, videos, and equations.

• Edit external documents inline. Make changes to drawn objects directly in the drawing. (video: 8:48 min.)

Design view enhancements:

Markup tools. Rework your design elements using more than 50 new tools, including an adjustable bounding box, a content compressor, an endpoint lock, and a stencil mode. (video: 2:48 min.)

• Redesign your design elements. Use hundreds of new Design view tools to rework your drawn elements.

• Mark multiple points and move in multiple axes. Mark up geometry, components, attributes, and other objects with new tools.

• Use an adjustable bounding box for greater precision. Bound your selection by drawing an outline around the most relevant part of the design.

• Create Content Compressor Settings for different parts of the design. Create special settings for groups, axes, components, attributes, and subassemblies.

• Create and share stencils for different design elements. Use stencils to quickly mark up objects for easy customization.

• Use a new endpoint lock to control the free point of an endpoint.

• Move text in multiple axes using Select Text. Move text on a new axis in a different direction from the text’s current axis.

• Select and modify points and vectors. Select points and vectors to make modifications and use the Endpoint tool to create multiple points.

• Select and insert objects. Drag and drop selected objects into the drawing. Press the down arrow key to select objects from the drawing.

• Create a collapsible hotspot. Show your selection and design tools in a single area for faster design exploration.

• Design review. Access the design review and design history panel for quick previews and a history of your drawing. (video: 1:15 min.)

System Requirements:

2 GB minimum RAM
High Speed Internet connection.
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