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The Revolution

The arrival of Autodesk’s AutoCAD in 1982 introduced the revolution in graphic design technology, a revolution that involved the use of computers for the construction of text and graphic design, the creation and editing of technical drawings, and the development of presentation and publication material. This revolution would soon make the desktop a global design center.

In the first AutoCAD edition, the DWG (Design Web Format) standard was the format used to describe the models created in AutoCAD. A Drafting Web Language (DXL) standard was used for the editing of these models.

In 1987 Autodesk introduced the first commercially available and widely used DHTML application, Microsoft FrontPage. FrontPage allowed users to create a webpage similar to a conventional HTML document.

In 1990, Autodesk introduced the world’s first commercial Web-based CAD system, Autodesk Web-CAD. In this system, CAD models were stored in an Autodesk database and the files could be accessed using a Web browser. This made it possible to design in the browser instead of using a client-side application, for example, via the “View in Browser” button in Adobe Photoshop.

The next generation of AutoCAD software, AutoCAD 2002, was first released in 1996, before it made its way to the retail market in 1997. It introduced a first of many new features, such as applications for non-drawing tasks and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), which allowed AutoCAD to be used as a backend data store for SQL Server databases.


The development of AutoCAD began in 1979 when the University of Utah Computer Graphics Laboratory released a graphic-design software product, “Project SketchBook.” The software was specifically developed for use on the PDP-10 mainframe computer, which at the time was the most powerful commercially available computer. A user could draw in this program using the mouse and coordinate input devices, and save the drawings in an external “auxiliary” file format. The primary design goal of Project SketchBook was to produce “sketch drawings”, which are drawings that are quickly produced to study a design idea.

In 1981, the first version of AutoCAD was released as “AutoCAD 1.0,” which was primarily a functional replacement for Project SketchBook, with an improved user interface, 3D

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Despite all the information stored in the drawing and its layers, the drawing can be searched in the ObjectARX library and filters can be applied on it, which are stored in the ObjectARX library. For more information, see filters.

The object code library is available for download from Autodesk Labs.

Recent changes
AutoCAD 2017 introduced the Python API, and added a Python IDE with built-in code editor.

AutoCAD released ObjectARX version 2.8 in January 2017. It has improved search speed, code editing and a new command line interpreter.

AutoCAD 2016 introduced the Visual LISP programming language, and Visual Studio Code text editor with built-in AutoLISP compiler. AutoCAD 2016’s VBA programming language also is supported by Visual Studio Code text editor with Visual LISP compiler.

AutoCAD’s.NET programming language is a version of Microsoft’s.NET Framework. In AutoCAD 2017,.NET programming can be done through Visual Studio Code text editor with AutoCAD for Visual Studio.NET language compiler.

AutoCAD Architecture 2017 introduced a new API: APIs for AutoCAD Networking.

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How to activate the hack?

This tool is working with activation codes. Find one that you need and insert into the tool.

How to use?

After you have activated the tool you will see a new tab on the home screen where you will see blue and purple buttons.
When you are sure that your table is there, you click on the purple button and all your objects will be added automatically to your table.
Use the blue button to remove an object from the table.

Why I need a activation code?

There are many tables of objects for example: AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Standard, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Design, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Plant,…etc.
To be able to use them all you need to have one activation code for all your table of objects.
When you will have activated your tool, you will see this tab.

![Activation tab](

This tab contains a list of all your activation codes.
You can change your activation codes from here.
Each object will need a different activation code but usually if you use the same activation code all objects, your table of objects will be added automatically to your table.

![List of activations](

To be able to use any objects you will need an activation code for all of them.

![Activation codes](

Once you’ve added the activation code that you want to use to your account you will be able to use all of your objects.

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Import directly from any Office 365 account. The Import process is faster and cleaner than ever. Use files from shared folders in OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Box, Dropbox, or your computer, plus markups can be imported from Google Docs, Markup Assist PDFs, JPGs, PPTs, and Word documents. The Import process is cleaner than ever.

Manage and organize markups in a new collection. Save markups as templates to work on again later. Attach to your drawings to reference them with just a click.

OneDrive integration:

Tame the memory hog that is Microsoft OneDrive.

New interface for access in AutoCAD. With the new interface, the same files can be accessed from both Windows desktop and the web.

Added the ability to open OneDrive files in Word online.

Import settings:

Update your import settings to use DraftSight’s enhanced fill algorithms.

Import your selected fonts into the drawing by default.

Import and save your preferred blocks and components.

Import and save your preferred color palettes.

Import your preferred samples.

Import other people’s folders into the Favorites folder for quicker access.

When you import symbols into a drawing, try the new Quick Import feature to pull any references that already exist in the drawing into your drawing for you.

Block import options:

Save blocks into folders.

Import images and patterns to your drawings.

Import layers.

Import and merge blocks.

Update your blocks.

Customizing the user interface:

New user interface for the paint Bucket tool.

Changed how you open the toolbars to make it more convenient and intuitive.

Added more icons to the Options dialog to make it easier to customize the user interface.

Improved performance when using the user interface with the new high resolution display.

Improved layout of the customization dialogs.

Improved text display when the display resolution is set to 100%.

Improved handling of screen resizing for faster workflows.

New keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow:

How to save and save with macros:

Save with macros

AutoCAD now supports saving a new drawing with macros using the same dialogs you’ve been using to create macros.

Save with macros

The AutoCAD VB macros

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 10 Home | Windows 10 Home | Windows 8.1
Intel i5-2400 @ 3.2 GHz or AMD equivalent
20 GB free disk space
DirectX 11
HD 6670 | AMD 7970 | NVidia Geforce 700 series | AMD R9 280X
1024 MB VRAM
HD 5970 | AMD 4870 | Intel HD 4000
CPU: Dual Core 2.5 GHz or equivalent

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