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1 day ago . Back in 2017, Facebook’s chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer went on the record at the WSJ about how tough it is to keep the social media world safe.
That’s Facebook’s latest move to fight the spread of fake news on its service, which has become an increasingly important part of the digital ecosystem.
Lock facebook account 2011 priyomnaya zvezda.
Along with improving the quality of its news feed, the social media giant is leveraging natural language processing and the blockchain to fight the spread of fake news. facebookhackwinrarpasswordBy Víctor D. Larrazabal

Tinco was once a beautiful city of 100,000 inhabitants. “But after the earthquake of 1985, Tingo was relegated to a shadow town”, says photographer Victor Larrazabal, who has been documenting and promoting the revival of Tinco for the last 10 years.

Victor was born in Tingo, but he has been living in Santiago since 1985. In 1989 he left for El Salvador, where his family went to live after the earthquake. He started to work as a sports photographer but he eventually became a professional photographer. In 2013 he started working on the East Coast of Chile.

There was an interesting scene in Tingo’s main square when I arrived and I felt like moving there. I was in a hurry to go to a downtown project in which I was involved, so I had to leave on the back roads, but I stopped to capture this moment when I saw a man with an accordion and his bicycle and a woman playing the pipa and singing an old-time tune, so I stopped to photograph them. Tinco is a very old and small town that has not changed so much since Tingo was called Andrés Bello. The main square has changed a bit, but the aspects of its history have not changed.

I chose a nice place for a studio with a magnificent view. That place has remained as a museum and has now been renovated, but it is still far from the other part of town where most of the houses are. The less-wealthy neighborhoods are poorer than the rest of the city, but they have the most character. The upper classes live in the center and surround the square.

Tinco’s main street

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