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(2011) ubeco profil 12 · LEGO xklx 2010 key generator serial key 1A cyclist held up traffic for almost two hours after they were involved in a collision with a woman and her dog.

The woman was pulled from her car by the bike rider and was trapped inside the vehicle for more than an hour, until the cyclist came back and was able to free her.

The incident occurred at 9pm on Thursday on Brough Street in North Perth.

The cyclist was part of a group of seven cyclists who rode through Beaconsfield Park earlier in the evening.

Police said the group had “left Brough Street and headed towards Kings Park” but “circumstances beyond their control,” led them back onto Brough St where they were “involved in a minor collision with a female driver”.

“Due to the circumstances, it would appear that the group was unable to leave the scene at this time,” a police spokesman said.

“The driver was able to exit her car by herself and the cyclist stayed to assist and [was] held up for around 20 to 30 minutes.”

Police told the cyclist to go with the driver to her home, but when the cyclist came back, he found the woman safe and well.

Inspector Grant Denyer said the incident was a “total coincidence”.

“The cyclist just happened to be there, as well as the driver,” he said.

The cyclist’s insurance policy covered the collision, but the woman was not injured and refused to make a formal complaint.

It is understood the group had already left the scene by the time emergency services were called.

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