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It seems to be working fine except for opening the windows/programs. Please help!


It looks like there are possibly some issues with the way your program is run.
The first thing I would check is when your program starts, does it run as Administrator? Or do you run it as a regular user (like yourself, user123) who is not an administrator? (Then your user may not have access to the Program Files folder.)
Another thing to try is to start the program as a regular user, and check if you can access that folder.
If that doesn’t work, then you may want to check the security settings on your computer. For example, on Windows 8 you can go to Control Panel and click on “User Accounts”, and click on the “User accounts” tab. There should be a checkbox for “Lock screen when sign in is required”, and you may want to uncheck that box to test your issue.
I’m not sure where your issue is coming from, but I just realized I’m not quite understanding your question. You are talking about needing to run your program as administrator. I’m guessing you are used to doing that, but it seems like it may not be necessary in this case? If your program is not able to access Program Files folder, then I guess that means that you must run it as an administrator if you want to access your program files? In that case, I suggest you just run your program as administrator.
Are you talking about the Program Files Folder, or the Windows folder?

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Düğün Dernek 720p

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