Carspa The Future of Carwash – Carspa tuleviku autopesu! innovatisiooniuudised

Carspa Ltd has worked out the concept of unique replaceable carwash building that is fully automatic, economically effective and environment-friendly.

The main advantages of Carspa’s carwash as compared to the regular carwashes:

* Easy and low-cost deployment
* Access to attractive locations
* Environmental friendliness
* Low maintenance cost

* Easy and low-cost deployment. Carspa carwash is fully replaceable and transportable temporary building. It does not require concrete foundation and does not have any underground parts. It can be easily transported to by truck and requires only connection to water pipe and access to drainage.

* Access to attractive locations. Due to its compactness and ease of deployment, Carspa carwashes can be placed to attractive locations that are not available to other carwashes – parking lots, parking areas of supermarket chains, other free landspots near high-traffic areas etc. Availability of carwashing service would provide additional revenues to land or supermarket owners, and increase the attractiveness of their existing offerings

* Environmental friendliness. Typical environmental considerations for car washing are excessive use of water and energy resources, contamination of surface waters, soil and groundwater. Carspa carwash is environmentally clean, biological water recycling systems enable to reuse 90% of wastewater

* Low maintenance cost. By being fully automatic, Carspa does not require the presence of any workers, enabling to save on employment costs. Also, it provides savings from water, consuming only 30 liters of water per car (vs 300 liters with “regular” carwash). In the future it is planned to enhance Carspa more to bring the levels of water and energy consumption to even lower level.

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